Research is currently being done on the impact of Online Games Addiction and how to treat it. This article will discuss some of the symptoms of this condition, how to treat it and how it affects other aspects of a person’s life. If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, seek help immediately.

Research on Internet gaming addiction

Research on Internet gaming addiction has been a complex area to study. Although it is a common practice for many people to play video games online, only a small percentage of these gamers exhibit symptoms of substance-related addiction. These symptoms include mood modification, salience, and tolerance. While the scientific understanding of internet gaming addiction is still developing, the literature review provides a framework for categorizing studies and their outcomes. Using this framework, we can better understand the causes, consequences, and treatments for problematic online gaming.

Researchers have examined the frequency of Internet gaming addiction in adolescents and young adults. Most participants reported that they spent twenty or more hours a week gaming. However, some participants spent as little as six hours a week. Despite these findings, researchers are still looking for a more comprehensive definition of Internet gaming addiction.


Online gaming can become an obsession, leading to negative consequences. It may affect one’s social relationships, work, school, and relationship. Excessive gaming can also result in a decreased interest in other activities or hobbies. This type of behavior may even lead to deception or lying to others. People may even start to experience negative moods as a result of their gaming addiction.

In addition to the physical and mental effects, video gaming can also affect a person’s health. In extreme cases, the game slot demo addiction can result in sleep problems and diet problems. Addicts may even become withdrawn and isolate themselves from other people.

Treatment options

For those who suffer from a video game addiction, the good news is that there are many treatment options. These can be found in person or online. The most common method is to reduce one’s gaming time. In this way, an addict can learn more about the addiction and develop strategies that will help him or her break free of it.

Some treatment options for video game addiction include behavioral modification therapy. These involve guiding the addict away from harmful habits and obsessive thought patterns. They may also include group therapy to provide moral support and motivation. Marriage counseling or family counseling can also be beneficial. These services can help improve the home environment and give the addict a stronger support system.

Impact on other aspects of an individual’s life

The impact of online games addiction on other aspects of an individuals life can be extremely harmful. For one, it disrupts school and family life. In younger children, it can also lead to dependence-like behavior. Individuals with an online gaming addiction are at increased risk for developing withdrawal symptoms, such as aggressive behavior, and intense cravings for gaming. Addictions to internet gaming are similar to those to substances such as alcohol and tobacco. The brain responds to addictive substances by activating a chemical called dopamine, which boosts behavior.

Despite the negative effects of online games addiction, they do offer a meaningful experience to the individual. For some, these games are the foundation of their social life and self-esteem. Often, online gaming addictions coexist with other addictions, such as social media. Both are driven by the need for approval and acceptance.

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