Some years again I traveled in February in north China thru the Gobi barren region. It sounds worse then it become, I traveled by educate no matter an outdoor temperature of minus 10C at daytime. It turned into tremendous to look the Gobi desolate tract in the snow.

During that adventure I was in towns like Hohot, Lanzhou and later in Xining. From here my plan became to journey south right into a commonly Tibetan and Muslim region. The idea become to have my first prevent in Linzhia, and then to Xiahe wherein there the famous Labrang Monastery, considered one of the largest Tibatan monasteries in China, but outdoor Tibet and then further to Langmusi, Zoige, Songpan and in the end Chengdu.

In the morning I went to the bus prevent, bought a ticket and searched for the bus. There was handiest one bus geared up at this small bus station.

Luggage is going always on pinnacle of the bus, with a bit of plastic overlaying it for rain, snow and other climate elements. So I pulled my p.C. Over and made positive it become wrapped proper so I wouldn’t loose it. Satisfied, I got my seat within the bus, looking ahead to leaving, which have to be any minute.

I regarded out of the window and… Noticed someone taking walks away with a black/pink backpack. It could not be mine, ought to it? I went out of the bus and saw my p.C. Become gone. And so was the fellow who took it.

My backpack contained nearly the whole lot I had with me except money, digicam, dairy which I had in a small day %, plus, of route the garments I changed into carrying. All my china Backpacks movie rolls have been long past too (it’s why I can not offer a image of Xining, I have no from that ride). Nothing from the beautiful Gobi desolate tract, Mutianyu Great Wall, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven and different attractions I saw earlier that week in and around Beijing.

The motive force turned into disappointed too. The police came, and I determined a person to help me out with the translation approximately what befell. The bus become scheduled to leave at 8am however at 11 the bus changed into still there. At a positive moment the bus motive force came to me and asked if it turned into OK that the bus would go on it is adventure. After discussing with the police, I agreed the bus may want to go without me (even though I might now not get my price ticket returned).

The agent turned out to be a completely friendly and helpful man who put my tale in Chinese on an authentic paper, which was then translated via a totally helpful girl who spoke English (she become an English instructor even though I doubt her college students would study to talk proper English from her as her English become very fundamental).

After all the police work, I were given the paper for the insurance. It become written on very skinny paper however it made the adventure home and I were given a refund for my goods from the insurance agency. But as it is going, you can respond substances, books, even a digicam, you can not update a picture made at a selected time.

The female asked me to sign up for her and her circle of relatives for dinner. She informed me she was embarrassed with the behaviour of her fellow countrymen. I told her this behaviour can happen everywhere, simply terrible good fortune it occurred here and now.

The dinner become held in her personal house, that’s rare in China. Usually your Chinese friends carry you to a restaurant. However, this changed into my first enjoy of the Chinese hospitality. The circle of relatives turned into not wealthy however unique for the event that they had offered hen toes (my first enjoy with fowl ft) and different remarkable food. After the pain of the lack of my backpack, this was giving the day a terrific stop.

What is left is the memory of these early days of my first journey in China. What changed into more essential is the memory of a robbery and the help you get whilst you actually need it. I have always been grateful for the individuals who helped me out that day.

Later that journey I had a small Chinese military backpack, which never had to be on top of the bus. However, some months after I cam returned in Holland, I went once more to China, and again with a backpack. And again, I had maximum of the time the percent at the roof of the bus. Most of the time there has been sincerely not enough area in the bus have a huge back in besides. That day in Xining turned into the best time my backpack became stolen. Bad day perhaps, and in lots of approaches I discovered a lesson. But I got help in solving the problems, yin and yang, you loose some, you win some. Trust me, I did win quite a bit that day.

Since those days I have traveled, totally on bicycle, many locations such as numerous years in China, but I in no way went returned to Xining.

Peter van der Lans is a Dutchman who lives these days in Sitiawan Malaysia. After years of touring, he cycled from Holland to Malaysia, stayed a months in the Middle East, a 12 months at the Indian Subcontinent and a pair of years in China plus a 12 months inside the UK, he settled himself in Malaysia.

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