Everyone probably goes through the proposal stage. But when you do reach this stage, you may be both excited and terrified. What makes you excited is that you will finally be able to show your loyalty to the person you love for the rest of your life, while terrify is that you may have no clue on how to choose an engagement ring for the first time. Don’t worry, there comes a time when everyone chooses an engagement ring for the first time. Luckily, you’re in the right place because this article will guide you on how to properly choose the right diamond engagement ring for you!

diamond engagement ring

Determine the Ring Size

When buying a diamond engagement ring, you should first determine the right ring size for your fiancée. You can measure her finger while she is sleeping and come up with the right ring size based on her existing rings. You even can ask for help from her family and friends who will surely be happy to give you clues in this regard. As for how to measure the ring size, you can refer to our previous post titled How to Determine Your Ring Size Based on Ring Size Chart. You can surely get inspired by it.

Follow the 4C’s of the Diamond

There is nothing more valuable than a diamond on an engagement ring. In fact, the value of a diamond is generally measured by the 4C’s of the diamond, the international grading system developed by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), which are cut, color, clarity and carat.

● Cut: The diamond cut is the primary determinant of a diamond’s beauty, reflecting the degree to which the facets of the diamond interact with the light. A diamond with a perfect cut will reflect dazzling sparkle and fire from the inside. In addition, the diamond cut is closely related to the diamond shape.

Depending on the diamond cut, diamond engagement rings can also be classified as round diamond engagement rings, princess square cut diamond engagement rings, cushion cut diamond engagement rings, pear shaped engagement rings, oval cut diamond engagement rings, heart shaped diamond engagement rings, etc. Usually, round brilliant diamond engagement rings are one of the diamond shapes that get the most brilliance and fire, which is why round diamond engagement rings are always the most popular.

heart shaped engagement ring

Not only that, but different shapes of diamond engagement rings represent different styles. When buying a diamond engagement ring, you can choose the appropriate diamond shape based on your fiancée’s state.

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